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PXS Operator Switching Hub Fast and effective service switching with the Operator Switching Hub of PXS

What is service switching?

Service switching allows customers to change operators effortlessly. This is important to driving competition and essential for an open telecom market. For example, smooth internet switching avoids double subscription costs and service interruptions.

Why use our solution?

Our Operator Switching Hub makes service switching for operators and customers easier.


Provide efficient service switching through a centralized platform.


Conform to telecom regulations, such as the European Electronic Communications Code.

Easy to implement

Fast and effortless integration with existing systems and workflows, thanks to our modular platform.


Control operational costs and eliminate hardware investments with our turnkey solution.

Getting you started



We customize specifications to your business case, map out the project and define test scenarios.



We configure and customize the solution and prepare operators for integration.



We connect operators to the solution and test all functionalities thoroughly.


Going live

After the implementation, we keep your solution up-to-date. Our customer support is always there to help

Popular features

Manual & automated switching

The API enables fully automated switching and gives operators the opportunity to manage all porting processes in an intuitive web portal.

Configurable Response Codes

Set up custom response codes to display specific information about denied switching requests.

Flexible reporting

Receive scheduled and on-demand reports for both operators and regulators.

Process Timers

Monitor and enforce SLA processes between operators, through configured timers. Expired timers are reported.

Frequently asked questions

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