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Get your systems ready for number portability, without radical technical adjustments.

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PXS Number Portability Gateway Get portability ready with the Number Portability Gateway of PXS

What is a number portability gateway?

A number portability solution makes number switching easy, but it requires technical efforts to equip your systems for portability. The portability gateway is a link between your systems and the portability solution, taking care of all technical translation.

Why use our solution?

Our Number Portability Gateway instantly gets your systems ready for number portability.

Fast & reliable

Getting portability-ready fast, in accordance with all modern security standards.


Easy configuration of the platform to align with national business processes, rules and other regulations.


Effortless integration with any central database, OSS/BSS systems and core network.


Use of one solution to get portability-ready and avoid high operational costs.

Getting you started


Scope definition

Establishing which systems to connect with and how number portability affects existing business processes.


Implementation & integration

Implementation, integration and configuration of the solution, tailored to your systems and workflows.


Testing & finetuning

Thorough testing of the solution and configuration adjustment if necessary.


Go live

Keeping your solution up-to-date after implementation. Our customer support is always there to help.

Popular features

Manual & automated porting

The API enables fully automated porting and gives operators the opportunity to manage all porting processes in an intuitive web portal.

Local NP Database

The Gateway delivers accurate data, to properly update your local database for direct call- and SMS-routing.

OSS/BSS Integration

Allowing one-click porting requests and handling of automatic outports according to validation rules.

Multi-NPC Integrations

Connecting of multiple portability solutions for different countries and embedding of various operator systems.

Frequently asked questions

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