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Allow end users to port phone numbers fast and effectively with our reliable number portability platform.

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Number Portability Clearinghouse PXS Fast and effective number porting with the PXS Number Portability Clearinghouse

What is number portability?

Number portability allows subscribers to keep their phone number when they switch networks or providers. It is a key step in liberating the telecom market and essential to driving competition.

Why use our solution?

Our Number Portability Clearinghouse makes number portability easy for operators and customers.

Fast & reliable

Allow easy and user-friendly number switching, while remaining secured every step of the way.


Easily configure the platform to comply with local portability regulations and business rules.

Easy to implement

Fast and effortless integration with existing systems and workflows, thanks to our modular platform.


Control operational costs and eliminate hardware investments with our turnkey solution.

Getting you started


Set up

We customize specifications to your business case, map out the project and define test scenarios.



We configure and customize the solution and prepare operators for integration.



We connect operators to the solution and test all functionalities thoroughly.


Go live

Get started, while we make sure your solution is always up to date. Our customer support is there to help.

Are you looking to get your systems ready for number portability without radical technical adjustments? Then check out our Number Portability Gateway solution!

Popular features

Manual & automated porting

The API enables fully automated porting and gives operators the opportunity to manage all porting processes in an intuitive web portal.

Support every porting process

Single & multi-number porting, fixed & mobile number porting, and number return & repatriation.

Flexible reporting

Scheduled and on-demand reports for both operators and regulators.

Subscriber validation

Validation of the subscriber’s consent to port their number, simple and secure.

Frequently asked questions

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