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What is a Subscriber Register?

A Subscriber Register allows operators to centrally register subscriber details, to be accessed by emergency response services or directory listing services. Subscribers may view and manage their stored personal details, such as unsolicited call preferences.

Why use our solution?

Our Subscriber Register improves the effectiveness of emergency response services, enables easy directory listing services and compliance to privacy laws.

One central source

A standardized central and secure solution for regulators, operators and customers alike.

Real-time information

Operators update data in real-time, ensuring up-to-date info. Authorized parties can access the database at all times.


Consumers can view and manage their personal details, a key requirement for privacy laws.

Data Integrity

A standardized format and strict validation ensures the quality and integrity of data, benefitting users.

How we get you started


Establishing data format

Definition of the data format. Validation rules can be set up to ensure data accuracy and quality.


Implementation & integration

Implementation of the platform in accordance with the dataset and validation rules.


Testing and onboarding

Access configuration and helping operators and third parties to connect to the system and test their integrations.


Go live

Keeping your solution up-to-date after implementation. Our customer support is always there to help.

Popular features

API Access

Authorized parties, such as emergency dispatch services, can review subscriber and phone data using the REST-API.

Do Not Call Me Register

Interactive voice response system, enabling subscribers to check and update their unsolicited call preferences.

Data exports

Provision of data to authorized parties, such as subscriber details or numbers opted out for unsolicited calls.

End user portal

The ability for consumers to review their personal information stored, using SMS or IVR validation.

Frequently asked questions

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