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Manage blacklisted devices

Register your country's stolen or lost devices in one central database.

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What is a Device Register?

A Device Register, also known as Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR), allows stakeholders to centrally manage a country's lost and stolen devices. That makes it possible to block their mobile network access (blacklisting). Devices are identified by their unique IMEI number.

Why use our solution?

Our Device Register makes it easy to blacklist lost or stolen devices.

One central source

A standardized central and secure solution for regulators, operators and customers alike.

Easy to use

Accessible solution for third parties to update devices and device statuses.


Don’t allow devices to access mobile networks when they’re reported stolen or lost.

Validity check

Allow customers to easily check the legitimacy of their device.

How we get you started


Establishing data format

Definition of the data format. Validation rules can be set up to ensure data accuracy and quality.


Implementation & integration

Implementation of the platform in accordance with the dataset and validation rules.


Testing and onboarding

Access configuration and helping operators and third parties to connect to the system.


Go live

Keeping your solution up-to-date after implementation. Our customer support is always there to help.

Popular features

Real-time database queries

Authorized parties, such as customers and law enforcement agencies can review registered devices data using the REST-API.

Data validation & processing

Verification of data with predefined validation rules, to ensure data accuracy and quality.

Data exports

Provision of data to authorized parties, to block devices from their network and to gain useful insights.

End user portal

The ability for consumers to review their device information and status.

Frequently asked questions

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What kind of customer support can I expect?

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