Porting Access B.V.(“PortingXS”) is the undertaking directed by the Commission for Communications Regulation (“ComReg”) under ComReg Decision D16/18[1] (“ComReg Decision D16/18”) to manage and maintain the National Directory Database (“NDD”) in accordance with the operational specification[2] agreed with ComReg (“the Operational Specification”)

The NDD is a record of all subscribers of publicly available telephone services in Ireland, including those with fixed, personal and mobile numbers who have not refused to be included in that record, kept in accordance with Regulation 19(4) of the Universal Service Regulations and the e-Privacy Regulations. The function of the NDD is primarily to facilitate the compilation of and access to information for telephone directories and directory enquiry services. The NDD also contains the preference of subscribers in relation to the receipt of unsolicited marketing communications.

Please contact sales@portingxs.com for more information regarding licensing and connecting to the NDD.

The operational specification describing the services and all types of stakeholders can be found below.

[1] ComReg Document 18/108 and ComReg Decision D16/18, “Management and Maintenance of the National Directory Database”, 6 December 2018.

[2] Defined in ComReg Decision D16/18 as “the process, and all technical requirements necessary for managing and maintaining the NDD, as agreed with ComReg”.