Mobile and Fixed Number Portability Solution

This process was initiated by the Regulator of Guernsey. The Mobile operators were involved from the start of the process. Because the operators in Guernsey were also the operators in Jersey (different incumbents), one project was defined for both Isles. The Mobile operators involved in the process were:

  • Vodafone Airtel Guernsey,
  • Vodafone Airtel Jersey,
  • Cable & Wireless Guernsey,
  • Cable & Wireless Jersey,
  • Jersey Telecom and
  • Wave Telecom.

Project was running from July until the going live date of December 1st 2008.

This was the first project abroad for PortingXS. We have implemented a Central Reference Database with inter operator communications, customized to the requirements of the operators. Customer Authorisation is initiated by the customer, sending an SMS to the database. We learnt that the implementation of our system is part of the solution. Operators have their own plans, with interconnection agreements, new hardware/software updates for billing and routing etc. We will always start our project, with the comparison of our Project Plan, with the Project Plan of the operators.

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