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18 April 2024

If you use a spreadsheet to manage your national number plan, you’re not alone. At the same time, managing number resources is a vital part of a regulator’s operation. You want to avoid giving out the same number range twice, or denying a request when the resources are available. It requires overview and automation to prevent these scenarios. Let’s dive into four ways to organize number management better, and to unburden your team.

1. Centralize the national number plan

Don’t spend time informing telecom operators about (un)available numbering resources but centralize and digitize your national number plan instead, making it accessible for operators and other stakeholders. It provides them, as well as your colleagues, with a quick overview of all numbering resources available. It’s the first step to empowering your team, allowing them to execute tasks fast and effectively.

2. Automate the provisioning process

From centralizing the national number plan, the next step is to automate provisioning. This process should function from both regulator and operator side. An operator can request available numbering resources, while the regulator approves and allocates the resources to said operator. Ideally, this is a transparent process, where the operator can view their request status at all times. Besides, the system should generate billing records for any approved operator request, to be easily used for invoicing.

3. Export the national number plan

For international calls and SMS messages to be properly routed, the number plan should be shared with the Telecommunication Union (ITU). To do that, the number management system has to be able to export data, so it can be easily sent to relevant stakeholders. That way, the number plan can also be published on the regulator website and made available to view for all interested parties.

4. Don’t overlook premium numbers

In addition to the standard number plan, premium numbers and short codes also require attention. These special number categories are typically assigned individually. Ensure they are accounted for in the number management system, to avoid assigning the same premium number or short code twice.

Where to start with number management

Proper number management starts with the right system, ideally containing all key elements mentioned above. Still, next to functionality, it’s just as important that a number management system is implemented with international best practices in mind. That includes interfacing, security, and hosting. A user-friendly system facilitates a smooth onboarding process for your team. Also ensure that the system allows you to configure local factors, such as currency, time zone and the specific numbering layout of the country.

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In conclusion: when choosing the right number management system, look for an intuitive and user-friendly solution, that empowers your team to do their tasks better and more efficiently.

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