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Stay aligned with EU regulations: offer easy internet switching

Comply to EECC with internet switching
6 June 2024

The European Electronics Communications Code (EECC) is a law for European telecom providers, introduced in 2018. This directive aims to modernize and harmonize European telecommunication markets and protect customers. Number portability is an important part of the EECC, imposing the right to retain your phone number when switching providers. However, a point of the law often overlooked is seamless internet service switching. Let’s explore why easy switching between internet providers is important to implement, rather sooner than later. 

While practically every EU member state offers number portability, internet switching is not always provided. Specifically, the EECC requires providers to offer an easy way to change internet subscriptions, similar to portability. Providers have to provide adequate information about switching and ensure continuity of internet access until the switch has been made. The country’s regulatory authority is responsible for ensuring an efficient and simple process (Article 106 of the EECC). 

Since the EECC doesn’t define internet switching as strictly as number portability, this service is not as widely implemented. At the same time, the EECC pairs switching with porting, and applies the same rights and obligations to both processes. That includes the customer's right of compensation when terms and quality levels of switching are not met (Article 105). With this in mind, it’s strongly recommended to implement an internet switching solution to ensure compliancy with the EECC.

Seamless internet switching: this is how you do it

When introducing a solution for switching, it’s best practice to start this process at the provider the customer wants to switch to. This practice is also described in the EECC (Article 106, point 6). The new provider handles the proper authentication with the customer, and in turn requests the switch with the current provider – preferably through a central system. 

As soon as the current provider confirms the request and sends approval through the same system, the new internet subscription can be activated and the old contract terminated. It comes down to a seamless service switching process, in which the customer has peace of mind and can subscribe to a new provider without fuss.

Using a central system for internet switching lets you implement an industry wide process, standardized by business rules that can’t be overridden. In turn, it makes the solution transparent, simple and efficient – for operators, regulators and customers alike. Through system reports, regulators can monitor how the switching process is being used and enforce regulations more easily. Compliance with the EECC is ensured.

Would you like to know more about the requirements of the EECC, or about implementing a service switching solution? Don’t hesitate to contact us! 

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